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About Us


Meet corporate

Corporate coworking is known for providing everything a startup, entrepreneur, established business, or an individual needs to succeed in today’s unpredictable and crazy world. We do this with a sense of pride, in a comfortable, modern, and unique environment, with like-minded people.

We offer our members security, flexibility, uniqueness, professionalism and a little bit of fun.

“My passion lies in crafting vibrant spaces that foster connections and inspire innovation. These aren’t just buildings; they’re dynamic communities where professionals and ideas collide. Step into a world where work becomes a journey, and each success story is a testament to our collective growth. Welcome to the future of work at Corporate.”

– Artjan Kerrnaja, Founder

“Hi, my name is Nina and I am the Community Manager at Corporate Coworking. I am in charge of scheduling the bookings, greeting your guests, sorting your mail and making sure you have the best experience while coworking with us. I have three dogs, Lilly, Chewy and Bruce, and a cat named Angel. I enjoy spending time with friends and family in a local casino or sharing a glass of wine at home. I hope to help you find your dedicated space to help keep your business successful.”

– Nina Corrao, Community Manager

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