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About Corporate

Corporate is a coworking office for people whose needs are not aligned with the traditional workplace as well as the “work-from-home” full-time culture. It’s a place where the new “corporate” America is starting businesses, growing, downsizing, or just meeting to share ideas or more importantly, to learn. Corporate Coworking is the cumulation of ideas, companies, services, people, and personalities that may all be very different, but have the same goal...To be successful and to have fun getting there

Corporate America is changing…The new Corporate America is the 28yr old programmer who has a successful app and employs 2-3 people. It’s the group of 5 friends who started a not-for-profit, and who now raise millions of dollars annually to improve our world. It’s the digital nomads that want to get out of the house and spend a day 100% focused on their craft.

The new corporate America isn’t sitting “up on a hill”, away from the action. It’s right here, in the thick of it all, with its finger on the pulse, re-writing its own future…our future, your future. 

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